[b-awN-dh] adj.:
Bandh, also a Nepali word meaning 'closed', is a form of protest. While often means the closing down of markets of a city for the day, but there have been instances of entire nation coming to a standstill.

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NepalBandh.com has come about due to extreme necessity concerning the present adverse situation prevailing in Nepal.

Bandh, whose true meaning is “closed”, has been amply used in Nepalese politics to ensure a “just cause/protest” to be noticed by the government, often carried out through the general strike of vehicles, businesses and industries.

This mode of protests or otherwise, has deeply scarred the nation and its people by ensuing the loss of valuable time, money and progress.

It is thus, to announce and inform everyone concerned, when and where such “Bandhs” are taking place so as to schedule themselves accordingly. We have come up with this NepalBandh.com web site in an effort to at least ease some of the hardship we all have to endure time and again.

As per our disclaimer, we have stated that, NepalBandh.com and all its staff members are in no way related, connected, motivated, influenced or otherwise inclined towards any political group, organizations, associations and likewise who call out the bandhs. NepalBandh.com does not support or oppose the “cause” these bandhs are called for.

To this effort, if you or your organization would like to help us by sending in your schedules to info@nepalbandh.com, we would genuinely appreciate it.

Sallaghari, Bansbari,
Kathmandu, Nepal
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